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About us


The Director's Statement ,


If you ever have a chance to look at the distribution environment in Vietnam today, we are sure that you can witness fierce competition among the many businesses who have just emerged and begun their trip into the import/distribution world.

We at Xunhasaba feel confident in this new context with a confidence in over 40 years of development. We look to mark our 50 th anniversary in 2007.

Our activities are import/distribution and export of books, magazines and newspapers. Our imports cover two markets: accommodation of acquisition requests for foreign books and magazines from libraries, research institutions, universities or on an individual basis, and marketing and distribution of foreign magazines and newspapers in Vietnamese. Our retail accounts include private or public owned bookstores, newsstands, hotel stands, drop, and special interest accounts.

We are the only the importer and distributor, but also the exporter of domestic publications. Our exports are diverse including government referenced publications, literature and arts, novels and short stories, folklores, Vietnamese cuisine books, research books etc.

Since 2000 we have provided on-line services at http// for purchase of Vietnamese publications and subscriptions to Vietnamese books and newspapers.

Finally, we own a bookstore on the ground floor at our offices at 32 Hai Ba Trung street, Hanoi. It is easy for you to find where it is, because it is located in downtown Hanoi.


We believe in our continued success!

Yours Sincerely,


Ha Trieu Kien

Managing Directorl, Xunhasaba Corporation.



XUNHASABA - The 17TH ASEAN Congress of Cardiology

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